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Vise Heads

All Vise Heads are compatible with the 300 Standard Base, the 305 Low Profile Base, and the 380 Vacuum Base. A new or additional head will add extra productivity to your existing PanaVise, or start here to build your own work holding solution! All stems are 5/8" (15.9mm) in diameter.

333 Rapid Assembly Circuit Board Holder features quick rotation 1n 8 positions. Easily flip your Circuit Board over without removing from the holder!
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Our most popular Vise Head for arts and crafts, model making, electronics and other small projects!

203  PV Jr. Head

We've adapted a PV Jr. Head to fit all 300 series Bases. Now you can add all the popular features of a PV.Jr. to a larger 300 series Base.

203 PNG md.png


Our most popular Vise Head for arts and crafts, model making, electronics and other small projects!


PV Jr. Head allows for more versatility within the 200 series Bases.

205 png md.png


Ideal for over the edge component boards

215  PV Jr Exchangeable Mini Circuit Board Holder Head

Works with 200 Series PV Jr Base



For 300 Series Bases 5/8

217  PV Jr Mini Circuit Board Holder Head



Our best selling general purpose Vise Head

303  Standard Head

Perfect for hobbies, electronics and small home repairs! Select the 300, 305 or 380 Base and create your own versatile vise.



Popular for jewelry making, watch repair and lapidary work!

304  Low Profile Head

This unique Head can be positioned more closely to the work surface - great for use under a magnifying light



Our Circuit Board Holders help you work quicker and smarter!

315  Circuit Board Holder

The best holder ever created for working with circuit boards, this model fits all 300 series bases.



Exceptional choice for woodworkers and pattern makers!

337  Fixturing Head

Work can be attached easily to this universal Fixturing Head.



Hold larger objects with this general purpose Vise Head!

366  Wide Opening Head

Jaw pads gently, yet firmly, hold a wide variety of objects including circuit boards, coils and tuners. Jaws open a generous 6".



Hold larger, heavier objects with this versatile Vise Head!

376  Self-Centering, Extra Wide Opening Head

By centering weight, this Vise Heads holds even larger and heavier objects with ease. Jaws open a full 9".



Hold a micrometer or small item exactly where YOU want it!

385  Micrometer Head

This head gently, yet firmly, holds micrometers of all sizes, in addition to small circuit boards and other items.



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